2013: What Will Be The Big Trends In Business?

Our country has only begun its recovery from a huge recession. Some businesses have made it unscathed from the economic tribulations while others have disappeared in the sands of time over the past year. Here, we have assembled a tiny list of business trends that we think will not only survive but thrive in the next year.

The Greatest Entrepreneurs of All-Time

Everyone wants to be rich and everyone wants to be seen as the genius who took an idea or talent and turned it into millions, even billions. There have been countless entrepreneurs who have taken their business and become millionaires with it, but only a few have found unbelievable fame and wealth. Those listed in the article here are only a few of the several who have taken being an entrepreneur to a new level.

Crafting Your Corporate Legacy

Admit it. Your business is your pride and joy, second only in importance to your family and closest friends. You’ve nurtured it, sacrificed for it, and painstakingly infused into it, all of your passion and the best part of your personality. You know that the desire to be in business and an earnest work ethic are not enough alone to guarantee your business’ long-term success. The question is how do you ensure that your business will outlast your founder’s touch and yet maintain your vision and passion?

What Are the Benefits of a Part-Time Controller?

Financial expertise is essential when managing the daily challenges of running a business in today’s competitive market. A part-time controller may be exactly what your business needs to get a handle on its finances and excel. What exactly does a part-time controller do, though? Essentially, a controller manages the current state of a company’s finances and is responsible for the day-to-day financial operations.

Myths Every Entrepreneur Should Know When Starting a Business

Have you ever imagined owning your own business? This article is designed for all those people who are aspiring to be entrepreneurs and are looking for ways to start their business. The key is not to get discouraged and feel defeated no matter how grand your business idea is. Where there is a dream there is always grace for provision. This article seeks to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to go for their dreams…