South Africa – How to Protect Your Rights During Retrenchment

Since the 2009 recession, thousands of South Africans have found themselves retrenched by businesses that are struggling to survive in the current economic conditions. Although the recession is considered old news by some, companies continue to retrench people on a regular basis. If you’re concerned that you may be in line for cutbacks in the future, this short guide will assist you in planning for your financial future.

Give Yourself Permission to Fail

Many entrepreneurs think that if they’re not winning all the time in their business, they’re failing. Not true. Sometimes it takes a few failed attempts to get things right. Read on to learn more about the upside of failure and how to pick yourself up and keep on keepin’ on.

Small Business Start-Up – Starting a Home-Based Business

The idea of starting up a home-based business has become a significant reality for many people in today’s world and is likely to increasingly become the norm in many people. This is because the term home-based business means a variety of things. It can literally be a business that starts and runs from your home, or it can equally apply to people who do any type of freelance contract work and are based at home rather than from an office.