Zig Ziglar Will Live On Through His Work Teaching Business Success

One of the questions Zig Ziglar answered for me when we met was about being a ‘motivational’ speaker and how do you respond when someone you are discussing this topic with says to you, “Motivational speakers are engaging as it is happening, but then it is all gone when we leave the room.” Zig smiled and told me this story about his response to a corporate booking agent who said something similar to him,”Sometimes people will say motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it…

Money Mindset Tips: What to Do When You’re Emotionally Stuck and Struggling In Your Business

I once received an invoice from my former bookkeeper. The amount didn’t seem accurate so I contacted him to inquire about it and was shocked at his reaction. He became defensive and said, “If you don’t trust me then perhaps it’s best that we don’t work together anymore.” I felt instantly angry, upset and hurt. My mind kept saying things like, “This is unfair,” “He shouldn’t treat me this way.” I was surprised at my intense reaction.

How Does Your Pricing Feeeeel?

Have you ever struggled with your pricing? What’s too much? What’s too little? What are my competitors charging? Should I go for lots of sales at a low price point or higher price point with fewer clients? Being strategic about pricing is smart and about how much value your product or service delivers.