Writing a Business Plan – Spend Thinking Time On Each Section Not Just The Ones You Like Most

Okay so, since I am a former entrepreneur and run a think tank, I get the privilege, or some might say the burdensome task, of reading countless business plans. Now then, let me tell you something; most people cannot write decent plan for a new start-up business to save their rear end, you’d be surprised, even those with MBAs from some of the best schools in the country are dismal at it. Of course, your average creative genius entrepreneur is probably worse.

The Quick Fix – Not Just a Bandage

Over and over again, in Elevator Pitches, you can hear consultants talk about being “in it for the long haul” for their clients. For many clients, that’s music to their ears. It’s just what they need. If you’re a Small Business Owner or a Bootstrapper, the “long haul” can be more like the music you hear in a horror movie.

What Is a Virtual Assistant?

What is a Virtual Assistant and more importantly what do they do? This is a question Virtual Assistants get asked all the time. It could be seen as a strange question to ask, but in truth it is probably one of the most important questions anyone can ask a small business owner that specialises in being a Virtual Assistant.

You Don’t Have To Choose! 5 Steps to Create a Business That Expresses ALL Your Gifts

Chances are, you probably have many gifts, talents, areas of expertise, and useful tips and information you can share with others through the wisdom and knowledge you’ve gained through your education and all your life experience. And, you love to share it! If that’s you, you’re a multi-faceted messenger! But have you ever been told by other business coaches and mentors that you had to “just pick one” thing and go with it? Don’t you just hate that? If you’re like me, being told to “just pick one” is like…