US Based Virtual Bookkeeping Services: Why To Keep Bookkeeping In The States

The East Coast was recently ravaged by Superstorm Sandy, but an overriding theme in national newscasts and the media was the way locals worked together in the days and weeks following the storm. In Staten Island, Long Island, New York City and other areas, residents kept the peace, exhibiting good will while waiting in line three hours or more for gas. Those with electric power and the necessities of life donated their time, along with countless items of clothing, food and blankets, to shelters established across the islands.

The Mission Statement: Friend or Foe?

The idea of a having a ‘Mission Statement’ for your new company may well appal you. It has a whiff of pretension about it, the sort of thing you see in gold letters behind the teller at your bank, talking of ‘customer focus’ and a ‘one-stop shop’ as he or she tells you that you can’t have an overdraft or that they are calling in your loan.

ZARA Franchise: Invest in Your Future

When we look at the current market scenario where jobs are a scarce commodity as the economy is in a downward spiral, there is a big cause for concern. Therefore, it is of a paramount importance that we meticulously plan our future well in advance. For a middle class person like me, it’s a dream to own a business and ZARA Franchise gives you that rare opportunity. It is a business model which yields relatively high returns on a low to medium investment. ZARA is a very well-known and a…

Did You Know Your Craigslist Ads Can Get Ghosted?

Craigslist has become the go to place for people applying for jobs. They get an extremely high amount of traffic to their site each month and everyone knows what Craigslist is. Now, if you’re a small business owner or especially a home-based business owner who needs to place ads online for your business-whether you’re looking for more home workers or just want to advertise your services, your ads can get ghosted.

Hustle 101: Learn to Buy and Sell Used Cars for Profit

The other day I was at my sister-in-laws house and as I drove up to their house I noticed he had a BMW sitting on the driveway. Her husband ever since I knew him had always been the type that is always looking for ways to make money. I walked towards him while he was coming out of the garage to greet me. I asked him about the car and he told me about how he bought it and plan to sell it again for more. He told me that…