The Mission Statement: Friend or Foe?

The idea of a having a ‘Mission Statement’ for your new company may well appal you. It has a whiff of pretension about it, the sort of thing you see in gold letters behind the teller at your bank, talking of ‘customer focus’ and a ‘one-stop shop’ as he or she tells you that you can’t have an overdraft or that they are calling in your loan.

ZARA Franchise: Invest in Your Future

When we look at the current market scenario where jobs are a scarce commodity as the economy is in a downward spiral, there is a big cause for concern. Therefore, it is of a paramount importance that we meticulously plan our future well in advance. For a middle class person like me, it’s a dream to own a business and ZARA Franchise gives you that rare opportunity. It is a business model which yields relatively high returns on a low to medium investment. ZARA is a very well-known and a…