Entrepreneurialism and Crony Capitalism – I’d Stay On This Side of The Line to Maintain Integrity

A couple of years ago I spent some time with a friend of mine, an entrepreneur, and we went to a party filled with business leaders, politicians, and an interesting list of names in the Washington DC book of Who’s Who. I found it interesting to see so many entrepreneurs that sold services or products to the government hobnobbing with politicians and bureaucrats. I was truly disgusted and almost sick to my stomach when I saw how the game was played in the real world.

You Can’t Succeed Unless You Do It Our Way – The Approved Way, They Say

One thing I learned as an entrepreneur in business is that for nearly anything you do in your business life, there seems to be an approved way to do almost everything. If you want to do something new which is between the law or no one has created all laws for it yet, things get very difficult for you. Since no laws exist or any regulations the bureaucrats and enforcement people wish to take their rules and regulations and push them onto your way of doing things. What they’d like…