Start-Up Entrepreneurs and Industry Associations

Over the years, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been challenged by industry associations telling me to chill out, not rock the boat, and to bring myself aligned with their way of thinking. Of course, I knew if I did, I would be running redlined against the competition, doing everything by the approved method, the same methods that they created to put barriers to entry and blocks to newcomers coming into the sector. I’m not anyone’s lapdog, nor were our franchisees, you see, I’m a former franchisor founder.…

Battling the Good Ole’ Boy Networks and Local Protectionism

Over the years in franchising my company, and building the perfect business model so that it was franchise-able, I was often blown away by how entrenched the good old boy networks were in the various cities where we had franchised. If you didn’t get in with the group, your franchisee might not succeed. Many of those folks in a good old boy network made no bones about it, they were straightforward and explained how the city worked, and not to buck the system.

Playing the Game At the End of the Bubble

A smart entrepreneur has to know when the game is getting too aggressive for their own good. I don’t mean the competition, or their marketing prowess, I mean that the industry is busy blowing up a bubble it has built and now it is ready to burst. For instance, recently there was just far too much money being thrown at the alternative energy sector, the money was going to businesses which were completely unviable with technology that wasn’t feasible, reliable, and therefore there was no profit in the future.