Can 50 Shades of Grey Help You Make Money Online?

It’s the hottest book of 2012 and has many English professors and professional writers in an uproar.

Some claim its one of the worst books ever written while others are appalled at its content.

Yet the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy have the ability to help you make money online.

On one extreme, women all over the world are hosting 50 shades of grey conference calls and book clubs and on the other extreme there are 50 shades of book burnings and library bans.

And regardless of where you stand in the 50 shades debate, you must admit it’s interesting.

That’s how this little trilogy can help you make money on the internet just by being interesting to your market.

Forget for a moment what all the so-called gurus are telling you about traffic strategies like SEO, paid marketing and personal branding.

Instead take note of what’s happening with this beast of a book.

In just over 4 months nearly 20 million copies were sold and it’s getting a remarkable response worldwide.

Millions of dollars in products are being sold using the 50 Shades of Grey brand. Actors are competing to play the role of Christian Grey and women can’t wait for the movie to premier.

Will Ferrell and Zack Galifianakis are creating a lot of buzz on Facebook reading an excerpt from the book(really funny).

You can make money doing this!

Why and how does that help you? If you observe what’s going on with this book you will realize it clearly answers the question, “how do I make money online”?

The book is giving its target audience, primarily women what they want. And when you give your target market what they want they reward you with their money. Plain and simple.

Author E. L. James understood her market so well the words on the pages became the market and the market responded “yes take my money”.

Regardless of what critics think about this little 3 part book, 50 shades of Grey is clearly unstoppable.

That’s what you want your business to be and all that’s required is you understand your market so well you can ask and answer the questions they have. That’s how money is made online, the 50 shades way.

Laters, baby!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about 50 shades of grey and making money online. G rated please.

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