Change Agents On Missions To Change The World

Without question and by an overwhelming majority of inquiries, the single most repeated problem my change agent clients on missions to change the world, come to me with, not knowing a clear direction to proceed in. Without a clear direction it is difficult to find the confidence to achieve your mission. You do not even know what your first step should be. Without a clear direction you do not know if the steps you are taking are the right steps. You can second guess yourself, make inferior choices and end up having to regroup when everything turns peer shaped.

Not knowing what direction to go in can also prevent you from taking the necessary first step at all, to get the ball rolling. This is the place you can get stuck and stagnate at so you are defeated before you are even out of the gate.

Then there is the other problem faced by changes agents of being so driven with their missions they end up heading off in any direction, getting no where fast. This is because agents of change are mission driven people. They are driven to the point that as long as they feel driven and passionately engaged in what they are doing, they feel like they are on track. They may not even realize they are going in the wrong direction.

But when change agents come up against obstacles or nothing seems to be happening the way they hoped or planned, if anything is happening at all, they get stuck, frustrated and despondent sometimes. And there is a reason for that. They have disconnected from the alignment to the real reason they are here on this planet. I know this from first hand experience and working with hundreds of clients over the years.

In the words of Steven Covey, best selling author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – “If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.”

In order to solve the problem of having no clear direction, or driving forward in any direction for the sake of movement only to end up spinning your wheels, you need to have your ladder up against the right wall. Before you can design your strategic mission plan, before you head out the door, in order to make sure your mission has the best possible chance of succeeding, get your ladder up against the right wall.

A big part of getting your ladder up against the right wall, in my experience, is having a clear knowledge of your reason for being here on this planet. The French call it your Raison D’etre. I cannot over emphasise the importance of this step. Again if I can refer to Stephen Covey when he commented about his ladder up against the wrong wall concept – “Any effort you take will likely be wasted if you do not start by building a sound foundation.”

Let us not waste our energy taking one step forward any more without first getting our ladder up against the right wall and discover your reason for being here – your purpose and your personal mission.

When you have clearly defined your Raison D’etre, and you live true to that in life and business, you naturally have personal magnetism, automatic credibility and natural influencing powers because you are congruent. You will also become more efficient, because you are not wasting time on activities that are not yours to do, walking down paths that are not your to walk. Not having clarity on your reason for being is like driving around town without your headlights on. Nothing is guiding you, it could be dangerous.

For those change agents who are on missions to change the world in big or small ways, we are change agents that the world needs to see succeed. There is no greater time than now for us to succeed in our missions for change. So start today by probing your life and asking the question – What is my reason for being here? What is my purpose? What is my personal mission? And how does that give me clarity of direction with the actual mission for change that I am on? Now you have begun the process of asking the quality questions your mind will set about providing you with the answers.

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