Employee Scheduling, It’s An Art That Every Company Needs To Master

Your biggest assets are your employees, but do you manage them to their greatest potential?

One way of utilizing your staff more is by employee scheduling.

However scheduling a multi-faceted workforce can be a time-consuming, error prone and a very frustrating business, but with a time and attendance system you can optimize your greatest asset effortlessly, avoiding silly mistakes that are easily made with even the most advanced manual systems, therefore increasing productivity over night whilst decreasing unnecessary costs and also steering clear of any unwanted legal claims and possible fines.

With most Time & Attendance systems, they have a fully integrated automated scheduling solution that lets employers accurately create and develop schedules that line up with anticipated demand, while complying with all company and regulatory policies at the same time.

The benefits of having a Time & Attendance system in place for you and your workforce are:

  • It helps improve employee productivity as the schedules are set to meet customer demand, so that problems with understaffing or overstaffing are eradicated.
  • The schedules become automated so company and regulatory policies are consistently applied throughout each department.
  • It reduces administrative costs and any other unnecessary costs associated with scheduling your workforce.
  • It makes the changing of schedules quick and easy, at your fingertips rather than time consuming paper changes that then have to be individually processed before being sent out
  • The schedules can be quickly reviewed, again without the need for mounds of paperwork to be trailed through, so you can see at anyone given time, exactly where your employee should be and for how long.
  • It eradicates errors from manual timesheets and potentially alleviates fraud.

With a Time & Attendance system, you have the ability for indefinite scheduling, in that, unless you make the changes due to a rota amendment, it will store every employees schedule until otherwise told. The savings in time consuming schedule repetitions, along with the savings with any new or changed schedules is huge and allows for payroll or HR personnel to be much better utilized in other business areas, allowing not only for increased productivity with remote workers but also those who are office based.

Not only that, but as the systems tracks actual worked hours, even where you have the most trustworthy staff, you can still save money and time in exaggerated claims for hours against schedules or times where minutes get added due to early starts or late finishes.

Overall, the benefits of implementing such a system can far outweigh any misgivings and is a must for any business that wants to be able to take their company to the next level of excellence.

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