How Are Pressure Seal Checks Used In Payroll?

As businesses look for ways to reduce costs, new methods of document creation and processing such as using pressure seal payroll checks can offer significant savings. Many businesses, both large and small, have already moved to printing payroll checks in-house, as an alternative to buying pre-printed checks or outsourcing check printing. With a quality MICR printer and blank check stock, businesses can eliminate surplus checks and check printing service fees. Check stock that can seal in this fashion can be used as part of the in-house check printing process to reduce payroll processing costs even further.

What are pressure sealing check forms?

Pressure sealing forms are documents – such as payroll checks and W2 forms – printed on special paper by a LaserJet printer. This paper is equipped with a unique dry glue along its sealing edges; when these edges are processed through a machine capable of sealing the paper, the form becomes a self-mailer. Payroll checks can be printed directly onto these check forms, eliminating the need for envelopes and envelope stuffing.

What are the types of pressure seal check forms?

The most commonly used types of these check forms are z-fold forms (also known as accordion forms) and c-fold forms (also known as a letter fold). Both of these forms are tri-fold styles and are available in both 11 “letter and 14” legal sizes. C-fold checks of this type require two-sided imaging; one side of the form contains a section for invoice / payment, check number and payee information, a section for the check to be printed and a third section which may be either left blank or used to record any additional memo information. Address information is printed on the opposite side of the form. Z-fold checks, other other hand, only require one-sided imaging, with all check, payee and address information being printed on the same side.

What are the benefits of using pressure seal checks?

While using pressure sealing checks instead of traditional blank check stock and envelopes does require some initial investment to purchase sealing machines, the cost savings and environmental benefits far outweigh the cost in the end. By switching to pressure sealing check forms, businesses can:

– Eliminate the need for envelopes, cutting back on both the expense and environmental impact of purchasing additional paper products.
– Avoid the risk of placing the wrong checks or duplicate checks in envelopes. Each pressure seal check is self-contained!
– Avoid labor costs of stuffing checks into envelopes.
– Achieve faster payroll processing; pressure seal checks are printed, run through sealing machines and ready to mail instantly.
– Avoid the risk of mailing errors due to the address not being clearly visible through envelope windows.
– Improve check mailing security; pressure seal check edges offer a stronger, more secure seal than regular envelopes.

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