How to Prioritize and Become More Effective

One of the toughest things to do as an entrepreneur wearing many hats in your business is to prioritize. A big enemy of success is procrastination and many people procrastinate because they fail to prioritize. One thing for sure, success leaves clues. Small business owners who are successful seem to have a similar trait, they become masters at prioritizing what's important and tend to get things done while others sit around wondering how they did it.

In an effort to be more productive, I have examined my behavior during the times when I felt most accomplished and took note of patterns. Upon examination, I realized that the times when I had the greatest amount of success, were also the times when I planned that success and focused on what was truly most important.

Below I've listed the priority formula that I have vowed to stick to in order to become more productive and get things done. I'm sure you'll agree, the strategies I use will work for anyone and will be pretty effective if applied correctly.

1. Focus on what's profitable. When you are prioritizing your projects, activities and tasks list those things that are profitable for you at the top. These things could be money-making activities, something that gives you an advantage or provides a benefit. If it's something that will profit you short-term or long-term, then it should be on your list of priority.

2. Focus on what's pressing. When you tackle projects that are most pressing meaning urgent you tend to meet deadlines and stay on task. If a particular project does not have to be done right away, write it on your to-do list and save it for later.

3. Focus on what aligns with your purpose. It's critical to focus on projects that align with your purpose for being in business. What's your big why? This is the main reason that you went into business in the first place. When you always keep in mind what your purpose is, it's easy to negate anything that doesn't coincide with your purpose and goals.

4. Focus on what will make a positive impact. If the outcome of your project or task will positively affect your target audience and your dream clients, then more than likely it will also affect you positively, which is a win-win scenario.

Any way you slice it, prioritization has its benefits and in the long run will help you to focus on what's most important and in turn help you grow your business to the next level. If you spend your time focusing on projects that will generate the greatest return on investment, it will ensure that you grow revenue and get closer to your long-term goals.

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