Is It Possible to Grow a Business Based on Love and Understanding?

I was recently asked by a friend why I attended the silent retreat with Mooji a couple of years ago. And probably, more importantly, why I would do it again since that linked into the topic of the conversation.

This was because we were discussing the role of the “seeker”. You know that part of us that wants to find the answer – the answer to life, the answer to what is our purpose, the answer to what life is all about or any other question along those lines.

As long as we are in the role of the seeker, that's what stops us finding “the answer.”

It's a paradox. The only way we can find the answer is by losing the seeker, and of course, once the seeker has disappeared, he / she will never know the answer.

Ultimately, the revelation will occur because of the death of the seeker

The seeker desires the answer, but the very answer will mean the end of the seeker because it is the seeker that is the block to the Truth. And I use that term lightly here – the Truth – because I am feeling more and more that there are no words for describing the formless or divine intelligence or the energy behind life. Even these words feel so small.

But here in this article and when I am speaking to people, words are a necessity, so here they are on this page. I really hope you can feel where the words are coming from because that's the most important piece. I am sitting in a place of peace with an inner smile and glow.

I spent some time with someone who knows this stuff of which I am speaking. He knows, or his essence knows, or his heart knows, again words are insufficient. He tries through metaphors to explain and point, and all I know is the feeling I have. The feeling is nearly impossible to describe, but I will try.

It is joy, laughter, peace, contentment, lightness, love, warmth, connection and a smile.

Somehow, I know that he knows. He doesn't claim to know everything or anything. He just falls into conversation around the formless and the form here and there during the day and something within me falls with him. I love spending time with him. I imagine you have someone or several people you feel the same about – you love spending time with them. It may not be for the same reasons I have described here, of course. However, my guess is that you have a good feeling when you are with them.

And I recognize that this is what I have been saying for such a long time. It's not what we say to clients, or what we have to share with them, it is where we are coming from that is the key.

Somehow on some level, our human nature recognizes something or connects with something (again too hard to put into words) and we can just be in that space. My sense is that it's a re-connection or a remembering that we are all the same. It's the feeling of the Oneness of life

There are many accounts of seekers and searchers going to sit with “gurus” in India and not a word was spoken, but they had profound insights just from being in the presence of someone who has achieved “enlightenment” ..

You may wonder why I have shared this and what it has to do with growing your business.

Well, great question!

From where I am sitting right now (metaphorically speaking of course), the most effective way of growing our business is through love and understanding. This is exactly what Sue and I have been exploring with clients on our * Inside Out Business Retreat and subsequent support calls.

You could call it the foundation, or the platform, or the root of it all. Again all words are limiting. But for me, it feels that if we want to grow an authentic business and be authentically marketing, then the more we can be in touch with who we really are and feel the Oneness of life, the better for us and for our clients. This feeling is what we transmit energetically to them, whether we say the words or not.

I am aware that this could all sound too big, too much, too out there and woo woo and maybe even out of reach. And you could be right.

For me, it feels like a really good direction to be pointing myself in at the moment. And to loop back to the question at the beginning – why would I want to go to a silent retreat again, well it feels like the icing on the cake in some ways. Originally I went because I was still in seeking mode, I was looking for the answer to life – the Truth.

Now it feels much more like mmmmm that sounds yummy! A bit like well I don't need to go on holiday, but I'd love to! Mooji wouldn't like to hear that, he doesn't want people turning up for a holiday, he is committed to helping people wake up to the Truth of who they really are, so please don't tell him I said so (wink !).

The Paradox of Life

There could be some delusion going on here, maybe I am still seeking and I am open to that, but I really do feel like I am enjoying what life brings (except when I don't of course). The beautiful and never ending paradox of this human experience.

One of the phrases my “enlightened” friend used a lot was that “silence is singing.”

The “I” is Sheela and used to communicate though recognized as a form and formless aspect of all that is. (If that statement confuses you, then please just ignore it!)

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