Jennifer Buffett

Why Jennifer Buffett is Extraordinary

If Jennifer Buffett allowed society to dictate her future, she wouldn't be named one of the 150 Women Who Shake the World neither would she be in the top 25 list of most effective philanthropists. Instead of helping fellow women, she might have been one of those who need rescuing. But Jennifer decided to prove her father wrong when he told her that she doesn't need to complete her degree because she'd only end up getting married.

While Jennifer did get married, she did not stay in her husband's shadow for long. She refused to be a wallflower for the rest of her life. If Warren Buffett never gave them the 1 billion dollars they used to start the NoVo Foundation, we still believe Jennifer would find another way to make a difference. It's her destiny.

A woman who has put herself through to college because her parents did not see the point of investing in her, is a natural achiever. She is very intelligent even in her choice of men. Despite their marriage went through a difficult phase, Jennifer and Peter stuck with each other and ended up becoming one of the world's shakers and movers.

The NoVo Foundation that they started using Peter's father's 1 billion grant has supported organizations created to help women become productive citizens by providing them with education and basic knowledge of their rights. Jennifer is dead set on changing how the world views women. Calling them “undervalued assets,” Jennifer currently devotes most of her time to the NoVo Foundation and its partners to financially equip Nike Foundation's Girl Effect, the International Rescue Committee, and many others.

When she was asked by the Fast Company what has inspired her the most as a philanthropist, she replied,

“I just got back from India. I was in the largest red light district in Southeast Asia, which is hell on earth. The economies are so poor there, and based on the intergenerational selling of girls. How to disrupt that?

But I was so hopeful after being there. Seeing girls and women who had been so oppressed, but who are standing up and organizing in small groups, and then in larger groups. And that's how it happens. An individual wakes up, knows her rights. Knows this is wrong and says, “I don't care how many times I'm beaten, I'm going to change this.” Then creates a social network with other women and girls, so when she is weak someone else is strong-and they can all begin to stand up and demand better treatment. ”

Jennifer Buffett has proven herself worthy of investing in. What her biological father failed to see, her father-in-law and husband are able to recognize. She has accomplished enough to earn society's respect. But she's not out there doing the work for her own satisfaction. Jennifer's motivation is anchored on changing not only the status of women in society, but also increasing their participation in history. The work will take more than a lifetime but Jennifer has long decided to make helping women her life's mission.

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