You Don’t Have To Choose! 5 Steps to Create a Business That Expresses ALL Your Gifts

Chances are, you probably have many gifts, talents, areas of expertise, and useful tips and information you can share with others through the wisdom and knowledge you’ve gained through your education and all your life experience. And, you love to share it! If that’s you, you’re a multi-faceted messenger! But have you ever been told by other business coaches and mentors that you had to “just pick one” thing and go with it? Don’t you just hate that? If you’re like me, being told to “just pick one” is like…

Booklet Tips – No Website? So What?

Are you a new booklet author or are you in the throes of launching a new program or doing a re-branding of your business, or you’re focused on your booklet and not a website, so you have no website representing that yet? You’ve probably got a few thoughts about the lack of a currently functioning site. While I can sympathize with you, rest assured it need not stop you in your tracks with your booklet and, in fact, any other part of your business.

Where the Magic Happens

For the magic to happen, you have to get outside your comfort zone. It’s not too far outside the comfort zone, but there is clearly a space between the outside of the comfort zone circle and the beginning of the circle where “magic happens”. And for many of us, that small space can seem like a huge leap.

Things to Consider Before Starting a New Business Overseas

It’s said so often that we live in a ‘global village’ or that technology has resulted in boundaries between countries becoming less tangible than ever, but anyone who starts up a business with the intention of serving a multi-national audience needs to give the matter plenty of careful thought. However, there are plenty of examples around of companies which have found that their products are in demand in many other territories than their own, and each of these has had to follow a learning curve to get those products to…

3 Ways to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Dr. Ray Kralovic was a reluctant entrepreneur and was “thrown into the pool”. He pushed a product idea so hard at his place of employment that he was fired (at the company picnic). As Paul Harvey used to say, there is the rest of the story. Ray started a company called Steris, changed the world of surgery, and now has a multi-billion dollar organization.