Remove Your Infrastructure Management Burden Using Sage 50 Cloud

Sage has renamed its premium product PeachTree accounting as Sage 50. With Sage 50, Sage has inserted numerous important accounting features to make the accounting operations more effective. Sage 50 cloud has the best remote usage option for Sage 50 to increase the productivity of the accounting program.

Sage 50 cloud likewise have the truly amazing compatibility to its supportive nature of cloud hosting. An ASP (Application service provider) and cloud computing company serves many advantages by hosting Sage 50 application on its cloud servers. The capability to host Sage 50 application on the cloud servers is giving many benefits to business, CPA, accountants, accounting firms. Some of them are here:

  • New found freedom with anytime, anywhere access: The Sage 50 cloud hosting gives the ability to access the applying form anywhere, any time. This popular application may have change its name nevertheless the simplicity of this software remains remained. Sage 50 cloud hosting earlier (Peachtree) still offers the accessibility of the hosted software from anywhere, anytime the tiny and medium size of business.
  • Sage 50 multi-user cloud hosting: Cloud hosted Sage 50 application can supply you with the accessibility of the program and your company data from anywhere, anytime through internet connection. Sage 50 cloud hosting allows you to work from office, home or from client location. The fantastic feature of Sage 50 cloud hosting is, you access your company data in multi-user mode it means multiple users can perhaps work in exactly the same file from anywhere, anytime. A CPA and business clients, company users can access same files simultaneously, all in real-time.
  • High Availability is assured: If you are considering Sage 50 cloud hosting! The high availability of one's application would be an inbuilt feature, with all the ASPs you receive 99.9% of availability of one's accounting work.

Moving to the cloud not only gives you 24 * 7 access to your software and data, it also keep it safer and more secure than it would be if stored in-house or on one computer. If a laptop was stolen, or a business location where to catch on fire, critical business data and files would most likely be lost. But with applications and data safely stored in the cloud, a business or employee can simply log on and access everything they need from a different computer. As long as you can connect to the internet, you can continue working.

It is also generally more cost-effective to have applications hosted since you are taking advantage of what is often referred to as a “utility resource”. Hosting Sage 50 in-house requires installation, updates / upgrades and maintenance which can be costly up-front, and then continue to cost you money throughout the useful lifetime of your software. But when you move your Sage 50 software to the cloud with a hosting provider, they handle everything required to run your software on a virtual desktop. All that you need to do is supply a license, and your work is done. Your hosted version of Sage 50 will also work with other important business applications like Sage ACT !, Microsoft Office, tax applications and more.

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