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Why Shi Zhengrong is Extraordinary

Dr. Zhengrong Shi is a businessman, engineer and philanthropist most famous for founding the solar power company “Suntech,” which was among the largest suppliers of solar energy materials in the world. Since its establishment, Suntech has grown to become among the most trusted names in terms of solar energy, and has had clients from all over the world, from big companies in countries spanning from the tip of Europe to the vast lands of Asia, to the everyday small businesses almost everywhere.

The Man Behind Suntech

A passionate environmentalist and businessman, Zhengrong has devoted his business to not just help people conserve energy and save money, but to also preserve the environment by promoting the use of solar power. This has always been the goal of Suntech from the beginning-to encourage people to invest in solar power to further protect and preserve the environment and secure a better future for the next generation.

Zhengrong said in an interview:

“Due to the pressure of fossil fuel shortages and global climate change, more and more attention turns to renewable energy. We are very concerned about global warming issues. We will try our best to expand market penetration of solar energy, to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels that cause carbon dioxide emission. We are interested in all technologies which can help to improve the performance and cost of solar modules so as to enable solar energy to become more affordable for people in the world. ”

Amazingly, Zhengrong has indeed managed to get the interest of a lot of businesses worldwide to turn from traditional coal and oil plants to solar power. And along with the growth of the solar energy industry comes intense competition, which may in a way discourage people from utilizing solar power as their means of getting electrical energy. As such, Zhengrong constantly encourages fair and transparent competition among the members of the solar energy industry.

Zhengrong often says:

“Because of the fast growth rate of PV market, many new players are attracted to the PV industry, which may cause a severe price war. There is also a tendency for some state governments to launch more protective measures to protect their own PV industry. That development may not be constructive for the healthy growth of the PV industry. I believe that transparent and fair competition can promote the healthy development of the PV industry that will benefit more people and the world. ”

Zhengrong Receives Awards for His Environment-Friendly Business

Zhengrong's story of how he rose from poverty to becoming among the wealthiest people in the world is what truly makes him extraordinary. Throughout his life, Zhengrong went through a lot of tough and difficult situations; and yet, his admirable courage and fortitude enabled him to always stand up in the midst of the circumstance and triumph over it. Zhengrong's life is an example of outstanding perseverance and hope; his will to go beyond his limits is what makes him a remarkable leader.

Throughout his life, Zhengrong has been a recipient of numerous awards and recognitions such as the Murphy and Spitz Global Award, the Banksia International Award and the Businessman of the Year Award. Zhengrong is also recognized as an environmentalist, and has been included in the Guardian's list of the 50 people who can save the planet.

A Passionate Philanthropist

Aside from being a successful businessman, Zhengrong also became a passionate philanthropist. When he started Suntech, he did not just do it out of profit-he was inspired by how harnessing solar energy can be more environment-friendly and more efficient compared to the traditional coal and oil power plants. Among Zhengrong's most notable philanthropic efforts are his donations to the University of New South Wales' Renewable Energy Research and the founding of the Shi Zhengrong Foundation.

Oftentimes, we think that very few people can rise up from a seemingly impossible situation and overcome because they alone have the skill and the ability to do so. But after looking at the life of Shi Zhengrong, we learn that becoming successful is not because of where we come from or what we currently have … All it takes is a strong determination to succeed no matter what comes our way.

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