Stop Selling, Start Helping

We've all had that experience, shopping for something new, you walk into a store and the sales clerk is all over you. Following you around the store, making suggestions and trying to talk you into all the great sales in the store. Driving you crazy! You can't wait to get out, and you leave without buying anything, vowing to never return.

On the other hand, we've also all had that great shopping experience where we are just browsing the store without any pressure. As we're looking around and picking up a few items, the sales clerk asks if she can help by putting the items aside for you so you don't have to hold them. She notices a few of your potential purchases and makes suggestions on other things you might be interested in, even some sale items that you might like better. She offers you honest advice and she's clearly not trying to sell you anything. She just wants to help you make the purchase that's right for you. You leave the store happy with your new purchase and looking forward to your next visit.

When someone offers their help and support instead of trying to sell us something all the time, we tend to trust them more and want to do business with them. We want to help them in return. We want to tell everyone about the great service we received.

So, how do you apply this to your own business?

Simple, help your prospects. Help your referral partners. Help your networking friends. Help your clients. Make referrals, make “warm” introductions, offer your support, show your appreciation, answer questions, listen. There are moments in every day that you can make a positive impact on someone's life, take the time to appreciate these moments. Your kindness will be remembered and appreciated.

If someone is interested in working with you, don't try to oversell them. Offer them exactly what they need. For instance, if I'm talking with a prospect who I feel can be most benefited from just one session with me, I don't try to sell them a full package. I let them know that I feel they only need one session, if they want more after that we can talk about it. Then, I go the extra-mile during our one session, offering more than they expected. When they're done, they've enjoyed working with me, appreciate that I did not oversell them and they leave happy, telling all their friends what a great experience they had.

Want to grow your business and maintain good customer relations? Stop selling and start helping!

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