The Market

A call to action to be part of America and enjoy capitalism, a concept that makes America great!

I watched my dad who was drafted in 1954 come home from serving America from Japan and work long hours to support our family. I wondered why.

Through the years of studying in college, I have come up with some facts and truths about work.

There are several different types of markets and here are some examples.

1. White market

A legally acceptable structure that includes the buying and selling of goods and services but also includes such concepts such as the legal adoption of children. It has always been my experience that this could be one of the detriments to business and that these entities should be apart and that this would then be legally acceptable.

This concept needs improvements. I studied in college and was always skeptical of this white market viewpoint. My viewpoint is that public sector involvement in private sector areas is wrong and the concept needs improvement.

2. A black Market

This is an illegal structure that does exist in America. This market leaves little hope of ever being paid because of illegal activity and crime. Black markets are frightening realities which must be eliminated from the economic structure and from society. A Black market serves no ethical purpose and is never good.

3. A gray market

This is characterized by what some may describe as illegal “bootlegging” activity and piracy activity.

4. A pink market

This market is characterized by legal or illegal government sanctions.

5. A red market

Immoral behavior within the society is never good for business under any circumstances. The effects of unethical, immoral activity can be devastating to the economy

6. A brown market

Prison-type markets characterize brown market and are not acceptable within any economy.

My philosophy is to transcend color and move toward a true market.

A laissez-faire type of economy and structure is best when buyers and sellers are left alone to earn a legitimate income.

Both the private and public sectors suffer from a mixed-market economy and various theories about the economy.

Don't let black markets invade us!

I urge everyone in a call to action to say no to Black markets and illegal markets as a duty. Say no to black economies, gray economies, pink economies, red economies and all types of illegal markets.

Just say no to invasive market practices and yes to a true market in concept.

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