Three Ways to Recognize Great Content in Your Own Business

We constantly hear that “great content” is essential to authentic marketing, but would you recognize great content even if you were already sitting on it? Here are three ways to see the great content that is ready to be released from your own business.

Does it help add value? Content that can help a person get more value out of your product or service always creates trust and invites deeper engagement. In other words, what are the side-benefits of doing business with you?

Here’s one way this can work. If I’m running a beauty salon, I can create a short eBook that explains a few methods for making your hair color last longer. It may sound counter-intuitive to stretch out visits to the stylist, but think about how much a client will appreciate a few simple ideas to get the most out of the money they spent with your business. Are they more likely to refer a business that is trusted?

Where do you find this content? Think about all those questions your own clients ask you all the time. Look at your FAQ page on your website and the messages in your email outbox. There are probably a dozen topics which beg to be expanded. This is the information your customers need to know.

Is it easy to share? This may sound a little technical, but hang in there. The power of content is when it is shared with your customer’s networks. If no one sees your blog posts, social media updates and eBooks, then there’s no conversation. Think about how you can help content get passed around. Think ‘share buttons’ and where you are posting. This is simple, but important. Are you writing a blog post and then letting it get stale? Or are you repurposing it for your social media posts?

Here’s how it works: Blog posts need ‘share bars’. If you use WordPress, a plug in like ‘Shareholic’ makes it super easy. Having those little icons makes it easy for people to post your link on their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. Your emails can also play along too! Putting a social media share bar at the top of your email allows people to ‘like’ your content and share it with their friends. Even if you aren’t on social media, you can still use this bar to help people post your content in their networks. On social media, especially Twitter, make your content short and sweet. For Twitter make sure you are not using all 140 characters so it can be ‘retweeted’ easily. On Facebook, add a quirky image or video to help it go viral!

Where do you find this content? Content that begs to be shared should start off as a blog post. This is the perfect hub for your content because it resides on your website (hopefully) and the longer content can be repurposed for email newsletters, social media posts and even as a jumping off place for an eBook.

Make your content ‘show’ instead of ‘tell’. Are you using your content to demonstrate a concept? Can you give examples of how your ideas work? Better yet, can you tell a success story of how your product or service helped to solve a problem? Think in terms of mini case studies that show the value of what you offer.

Here’s how it works: Think of the outstanding customer experiences can be repurposed as a blog post, testimonial video on YouTube, sound bites for social media. A quick quote on Twitter that says, “Thx to this client reaction, we are all smiles today: Our Maltese is ready for the runway now!”

Where do you find this content? When you finish working with a wonderful client, get a brief testimonial and document the experience. (With their permission of course.) Briefly describe the problem they were having and how you helped them solve it. Be sure to include quotes from the customer.

Remember this is about them and what you know, not about you. Great content is literally at your fingertips and all around your business. It’s easy to recognize once you tune into what it looks like. Now go out there and uncover the great content that is waiting to be shared!

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