Tips For Creating A Check Stub Template

When you maintain only a few employees, you might use a manual payroll system. Employers are required to provide a statement to their employees for each period which shows the various deductions as well as the year to date totals. Using a manual system might mean you will need to create your own check stub template to provide to the employees each period.

To create your own design is easy enough if you have advanced computer skills. First you need to consider what the statement will be used for. To be official when distributed to the employees you need to include your business name and contact information. After completing this you need to create headers for the various things that you are required to report to them including gross pay, net pay, taxes and other various deductions.

This can be done in Microsoft Word or Excel quite easily. It is important to save a blank template so you can just simply add the information to each week for printing for your employees. If you are highly skilled in Excel you may be able to enter formulas so that some of the information will be calculated for you so that you do not have to enter each item.

If you have decided to add borders and logos you should do this before you put in the columns and headings and other information. Next you will label columns with the various headings. Mandatory deductions such as taxes are broken down by each type to be a legal pay report. Voluntary deductions do not have to be broken down but it is easier to keep track of when they are.

When you have finished creating the blank with its formulas and headings, make sure you save the blank. Next when you enter the various employee's information remember to choose 'save as' in order to maintain your blank page. Many times it is a good idea to have each employee set up with their own spreadsheet so that you have a history of their payments for every period.

Many times these will be very helpful when calculating the end of the year paperwork that you will be required to submit to the employees as well as the various government agencies. You can create another spreadsheet that totals everything for transfer to the W2 forms that you will be required to hand out. This will significantly reduce the year end paperwork.

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