Top 5 Payroll Accounting Software

There are tens of thousands of payroll accounting software programs to choose from, and the best advice is to find it that is easy to use and easily transfers data from it to other platforms. Most payroll accounting atmospheres use the same set of categories such as HR, payroll and attendance, but finding one that is fully customizable to your needs is the key. Here are 5 examples of payroll accounting software that you can try.

No. 1:

Sage Abra HRMS. For solutions that are tightly integrated in order to meet your business needs, Sage Abra HRMS may be the software that you´re looking for. Services offered through Sage Abra HRMS are benefits, attendance, HR, training, reporting, payroll and analysis it will help you to overcome your payroll and HR challenges.

No. 2:

Gradience Software by G. Neil. Working with everyday HR tasks requires a simple and comfortable system, and it provides control over your HR tasks directly from your office computer. Personalization and customization are the key when using that, as the various titles help you to meet your needs. Titles are OSHA Manager, TimeClock, Attendance, Forms Manager, Employee Records, Supervisor's Handbook Manager and Handbook Manager.

No. 3:

CenterPoint Payroll by Red Wing Software. This easy to use software is designed for a comfortable setup process as well as detailed employee pay reporting and processing. Some of the features of CenterPoint Payroll are complete eFiling options, flexible time entry, predefined deduction and earnings templates as well as direct deposit with the customer´s banking preferences and much much more.

No. 4:

Vista HRMS by PDS. This Web interface software provides a Recruiting, HRMS, Self Service, Payroll and Reporting system that includes employee management, work flow and position management. This software can be used for both Canadian and US employees in one database, as well as check, W-2 and T-4 printing. Vista HRMS supports the .NET framework as well as Oracle and Microsoft SQLServer databases.

No. 5:

Quadrant HR by QHR Software. Quadrant HR is a configurable software program that allows users to customize the service to provide the best practices for Staff Scheduling, Human Resources and Payroll. You are able to implement the way you work fully into this system that molds itself to your needs, and work flows will become automated across your company. This software works best for workplaces that handle multiple sites, contracts and positions.

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