You Don’t Have To Choose! 5 Steps to Create a Business That Expresses ALL Your Gifts

Chances are, you probably have many gifts, talents, areas of expertise, and useful tips and information you can share with others through the wisdom and knowledge you’ve gained through your education and all your life experience. And, you love to share it!

If that’s you, you’re a multi-faceted messenger!

But have you ever been told by other business coaches and mentors that you had to “just pick one” thing and go with it?

Don’t you just hate that? If you’re like me, being told to “just pick one” is like having 6 children you love and being told to just pick one and leave the rest behind! You can’t do it!!!

I love all my gifts, talents and expertise and I want to share them all with others who can really benefit and be helped by them, don’t you? Keeping some of your gifts to yourself of them to myself not only seems selfish, but like I’m holding back from expressing all of who I am to the world.

Besides, you put in a lot of hard work to earn all that expertise, and it would be a dis-service not to share it all.

But, you don’t know how or where to start.

Here are 5 steps you can take right away to identify and begin to organize all your gifts:

Step 1: Inventory it all!

Take an inventory of all your gifts, skills, expertise, talents, passion, education, knowledge, successes you’ve had, things you overcome, things you love, etc.

Literally write it out in a list format vs. doing it in your head so you literally see all the potential things you have to share as a multi-faceted messenger.

Step 2: Sort it all!

If you’ve heard me speak, some of you have heard how I systemized my background that I use in my introductions. I jokingly say that my background has a lot of B.S.! As it turns out, perhaps so is yours! Sort the list in Step 1 into the following categories or create and add your own to help you identify your gifts more fully. Have fun with it!

1. Born Skills & Strengths – things you love, things you’ve always been good at and come naturally to you, your passions, gifts, talents

2. Background Story – your background, education, personal or professional experience

3. Big Struggle – challenges you faced and overcame that have influenced and impacted your life

4. Bold Solution – how you overcame those challenges, what you learned, and the solution you now share with others

5. Behind the Scenes or Brief Sabbatical – any other interesting experiences, “insider” knowledge, etc.

6. Business Success & Business Soaring – any business (or personal success) as a result of all the above. The main message you have to share with others.

7. Benevolent Service – any causes you believe in, the legacy you want to leave, how you want to help on a larger scale beyond yourself

If you don’t have anything in one or more of those categories, that’s OK. Just fill in the ones you do have or create new categories for yourself.

By doing this exercise, a benevolent side effect is that you’ll actually gain a much better appreciation for who YOU are and all the gifts you have to share.

Step 3: Embrace it all!

Because all of the above is the collection of your life wisdom and experience, I firmly believe you were meant to express it ALL! I believe that all of it has been in service to your bigger purpose and what you are meant to do and how you are meant to serve.

Step 4: Choose it all!

The good news is, you don’t have to choose!

There’s a saying that says: When given the choice between two good options, choose both!

And I say: When given the choice among many great facets, choose them all!

For multi-faceted messengers, when you begin to unify and express all your gifts, the Universe/Source/God will begin to accelerate your results toward your life purpose and mission. The synchronicities and magical moments become a natural and normal part of your everyday life. You’ll find more and more that you’ll be:

  • in just the right place
  • at just the right time
  • to meet just the right people
  • to have just the right opportunity

In fact, I’ve found that when you compartmentalize or disconnect from the wholeness and completeness of all of who you are, instead of having magical moments, you have a lot of effort, struggle, overwhelm, spinning your wheels, trying hard, etc.

Identify the one specific population of people who could use the full range of your gifts, knowledge, expertise and experience.

Step 5: Monetize it all!

The next step is to express all the above to a business that’s a full, authentic expression of your purpose. Essentially, it’s a map to money.

And as you’ve come to expect from me, I systemized that, too!

I systemized the process to show you exactly how to finally express all of who you are with all your gifts, talents and expertise into a business that feels like a full, authentic expression of your purpose so you can make the money and the difference you know you were meant to make.

And that’s what’s possible for you, too.

There was something you were put on this planet to do, some unique transformation that only you can provide. My blessing is to help you figure out what that is, show you how to turn it into a business that is a full expression of all your gifts… and then systemize it and monetize it so you can get it out into the world.

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