Should You Buy a Quick Lube Franchise and Pay the Franchisee Fee or Start Your Own?

It appears that quick lube and oil change franchising companies charge between 18,000 and $40,000 for franchise fees. At the higher end that is getting pretty steep, and during the recession some of these franchisors are allowing new franchise buyers to finance that figure, or at least part of it. Some entrepreneurs believe that they shouldn’t pay the money, rather save that money and start their own business on their own. Yes, you could save the money, but as a former franchisor founder, I have some different thoughts on this…

Vibrational Marketing

If you’re in business, you market. If you think you’re only marketing when you do blatant self promotion or advertising, then you’re missing the most critical piece of the profit puzzle. It’s called vibrational marketing.

10 Step Business Plans – Steps You Must Include

Some of the points I make below are going to seem a bit strange and may cause you to shake your head, but to be fair, all these steps must be covered before you can successfully start any business whether it is online or storefront. Once you think through the noted steps, you will understand the importance of each step and why they are listed in the order that is shown here. Let me begin by stating that the most successful and happy people that are business entrepreneurs are people…

Your Word and Reputation, It’s Paramount – Auto Detailer’s Case Study

The other day I heard a tremendously interesting entrepreneurial story. It intrigued me personally because before retirement I was in the auto detailing business, I also franchised and created mobile car washing. The story goes something like this, and it is a decent case study to consider. Old man John Deere was putting together a trade show for all of his dealers, their convention it was coming to town. He put out a bid to all of the auto detailer’s in the area to see who might give him the…

Just Because You Are In a Dirty Industry Doesn’t Mean Your Office And Facilities Should Look It

The other day, I was talking to a gal who lost her job working at the recycling company nearby. She was at Starbucks sitting in the air-conditioning and drinking her latte. I wasn’t sure if she was feeling sorry for herself, so I told her; “I am sorry to hear that.” She told me not to worry about it because she was tired of the smell, and the office look like a pigsty. Indeed, I laughed, and was hardly surprised because I’ve been around industrial type businesses all my life.