4 Tips To Be An Effective Delegator

Delegation is an important skill that an aspiring entrepreneur will need to develop when they are expanding their business. There simply is not enough hours in a day or a week to complete every task yourself if you are to further your business. This is where delegation plays a crucial role. For the entrepreneur who has launched a business and has started to employ others there are probably many reasons for you feeling that you do not want to delegate. After all no one cares about your business quite like you. Therefore it would seem logical to assume that the time and effort you put into a task will outweigh that of an employee. This is not necessarily true. As your number of tasks increase the time you can afford to a task will reduce and with it so could the quality. Therefore it is important that when a task can be delegated you ensure you delegate. This will likely mean that overall quality increases as opposed to it decreasing.

Assign responsibility: If things go wrong you need to know why and who was responsible. This allows you to improve your delegation skills, develop staff and target training to those who need it. Remember training can be on the job and delivered by you. It does not always need to be expensive and classroom based. If an individual is responsible for a job they are much more likely to complete and more likely to complete it to a high standard due to the feeling of ownership.

Know your staff: It is important to know who your motivated staff are and who will strive from more responsibility. Knowing your staff members attributes will ensure you assign the right task to the right person. Skills matching can play an important role in effective delegation.

Give clear and concise instructions: When delegating it is important to ensure that the person you are assigning the task to knows exactly what is expected of them. Clear and concise instructions will leave the person in no doubt of how the task needs to be completed. Do not make assumptions that because you know something the person you are delegating a task to will also have this knowledge. Break the task down into manageable chunks and give step by step instructions where necessary. This may seem like a time-consuming process but it is worth investing time into your staff so that your time can be spent on developing your business in the long-term.

Set a deadline: When giving someone a task to complete always ensure you have set a deadline. Open-ended tasks may drag on or never get completed. A deadline ensures a task is completed within the necessary timeframe and can provide staff with extra motivation.

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