Dealing With Flaky People Who Don’t Have Your Level of Get-Up-And-Go

Often I am blown away by the weakness I see in the marketplace these days. I see so many people running around complaining, but then when push comes to shove, or there is a deal to be made, or performance is needed to make it to the next step, they fall flat on their butt, and refuse to work. Even folks that run around delivering compliments everywhere they go, and a smile of arrogance with supreme optimism seem to doing the same thing. They demand one thing, promise a whole bunch, but when it is time for them to deliver, they fall flat.

If you are a hard charger, and you take no prisoners, then you are a winner, and an entrepreneur of note. You aren’t the flaky type person that I am speaking about, but I’m sure you encounter these folks in your daily business life. Does it pay to stay in contact and network with these individuals? Some would say it’s better to get rid of the debris and the extra weight, and throw these people overboard, don’t let them on your team, and don’t associate with them, why let them drag you down. Then, there is another theory that; you should know as many people as possible, and even flaky people will refer you to their best prospects when they know they can’t do the job, which is usually.

Often in my life, I’ve found folks that tell me they’re going to do something, complain about everyone else not being able to perform, and when it comes right down to it, someone should’ve handed them a mirror, because they themselves have dropped the ball. This happens to me so often, and for so many years, that it’s almost as if I am expecting this from humans on this planet. If people don’t succeed, they aren’t trying hard enough, they aren’t working hard enough, and they aren’t focusing on their endeavors. In business this is unfortunate, and out in society these days it has become far too typical.

Previously, we used to complain about people watching too much TV, but nowadays they spend too much time playing on social networks, talking gibberish about nonsense. If you want to be the Olympic champion equivalent in business, you need to put in all you can, stop making excuses, and make good on your promises. You have to work hard, work smart, and make it happen. No one else is going to do that for you, especially the government despite the recent political rhetoric to the contrary. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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