How Do I Make a Million Dollars in a Year As a Project Manager?

One of the best ways to make a lot of money, quickly and at regular intervals, is operating as a project manager. Project management ranks very highly in an analysis of how to make a million dollars in a year, and even more than that, but it is rather difficult to get into if you don’t have the right contacts and you might even have to spend a little of money to build up your contacts list, initially.

Project management is the simple act of managing projects, as suggested by the name, and just about anybody can get into it.

To manage a construction job, for instance, you don’t need to have even the slightest of clue as to how to construct a 30cm wall, but you can still make a killing out of managing that construction project.

A lot of people think it takes years and years of hard work to make it big and, although that is one way to go about it, there are other ways.

Working smart is better than working hard — think about the construction example. If you are a bricklayer, no matter how hard you work, there is only a certain amount of money you will earn in a day, limited by a variety of factors, which include the amount of time available in a day, how much energy you have and how many job offers you actually get.

So, the bricklayer is the hard worker in this instance.

As a project manager, you are the smart worker in the same instance, as you simply identified a need, in the form of a client who needs some sort of building erected, gathered some laborers (bricklayers etc) and approached the client with the view of servicing their need.

Nobody needs to tell anyone about the fact that the project manager in this whole equation gets the bulk of the money, for the completed job, as the bricklayers and other ground workers get a fixed fee, often.

Getting into project management can be a cutthroat business though, so you will have to have all your ducks well and truly lined up neatly, by either building contacts that will throw projects your way, or by undertaking some internal projects that you can use as references.

Many companies, in the popular form of holding companies, exist solely for the purpose of managing projects, which come in a variety of different ways. Government tenders are very popular, especially in developing and emerging economies with young and vibrant democracies and you can spread your wings across the entire globe in this regard.

There are a lot of opportunities for project management, and you don’t even have to look into the heavy-duty industries, like power supply, water and sanitation or construction — you can go for those projects which are relatively easy to manage, like overseeing the implementation of new software solutions for a certain number of divisions in different companies.

In some countries, projects are set up for the sole purpose of empowerment, so if you align yourself with locals that make up for your company qualifying, you can have far-reaching benefits that will last you a lifetime.

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