Three Ways to Monetize Your Message With Your Story

There’s no question that a truly compelling and personal story makes all the difference when it comes to building your business and attracting ideal clients.

But before you convert your prospects into paying customers, you need to attract them and continue to attract them.

Have you ever thought about using stories to educate your target audience and convert these prospects into paying clients?

When a customer buys your book, info product, or course, how will you keep her/him coming back for more? What will you do to inspire loyalty and trust?

Ultimately, the question is… How do you use your story in a way that gets prospects immediately connected to you where they’ll ask themselves: “How can I work with you?!”

You need to start seeing your story as the basis for monetizing your message so it stands out.

For example, as you describe the journey of your Story in your “About” Page on your website, keep in mind your target client’s problems and frustrations.

Here are a few other ways: (there are many!)

1. Use your story to showcase how you will specifically help them with their struggle. What knowledge have you learned or acquired that has helped you to take specific steps to solve their problems?

2. Use your story to position your expertise: How did you come to do the work of what you are doing now and how will you help your clients?

Storytelling is the best way to connect with your ideal customers and alliance partners and to help solve their problems!

3. Position your unique story alongside your services and products. Everyone has a unique story, but not everyone knows how to use it to set themselves apart from their competitor. How did you come to create your unique offering and how do your services create better results than the others?

You can monetize your story everywhere!

• chapters of your books
• blog posts
• articles
• videos
• info products
• webinars
• audios
• podcasts
• teleseminars
• CDs
• DVDs
• keynotes
• talks
• stage presentations
• or anywhere you interact with your audience.

The most important thing to remember though before monetizing your story is to get in touch with icky moments that cause discomfort. That’s when you’re telling/marketing a compelling story. Be REAL with who you are!

Make your story a “culinary” experience for your prospect and by that, you need to maximize all senses. Appealing to senses equals captivating your prospects’ emotions.

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